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Suspension Training Straps

$ 30.00



Material: Polyester
Width: 3.8cm
Metal parts: Nickel alloy
Bear-loading: 500kg

12 reviews for Suspension Training Straps

  1. O***e

    מוצר מצויין ברמה גבוהה

  2. J***o

    Product quality is good, material is very good, easy to use.

  3. F***a

    Descrizione accurata ma le fasce sembravano più lunghe. Pacco danneggiato.

  4. 혜***김

    Compared a lot of homes, the price of this one is cheaper, but the quality of the hand is still very good, bearing force is very strong, very satisfied

  5. 세***함

    Product function: many functions, slowly study, understand the appearance material: beautiful and generous commodity quality: quality is good, aluminum alloy fastener is very strong. Seller after sale answer very enthusiastic. The service is good

  6. L***s

    Saving time and effort is very convenient, can exercise to many parts, cost-effective, anytime and anywhere fitness, quality is tough, really good, very effective for back, shoulder, arm, in fact, the whole body can practice to it. It can be used by the whole family, it is also very convenient to carry, it does not take up any position, it is quite good, it is simple to operate, the material is good to exercise the muscles of many different parts, it is recommended for those who need to buy it.

  7. T***w

    This price is really a good deal, the delivery is also very fast, customer service is very timely reply, also sent the video service is very good. I tried it immediately after I bought it, and the tension was very good, but the elasticity was better than I expected. It was more useful to exercise the abdomen, which was easier than doing it by myself, and it was very good to exercise the arms. Product function: good appearance material: good product quality: good

  8. T***y

    The product is recommended by friends, it can be used to exercise the abdomen, arms, back, hips and so on. In summer, it is necessary to move to put on beautiful clothes.

  9. E***r

    Product features: the product has received, it is in amway from friends, or very good oh, installation up and started to use, after the experience, the use effect is very good, or broken, the effect of the practice is obvious, adjust measures to local conditions to exercise good helper, bungee cord advantages, one of the most obvious is that exercise for weight loss with interesting, easy to carry, very useful.

  10. K***s

    I love it

  11. J***z

    Super quality, cheaper than the others, genuine, with a manual very thoughtful oh, satisfied shopping

  12. C***l

    Product features: Good appearance Material: same as manufacturer description. Product quality: quality, it feels good to use.

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